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Peter Gowdy   Toronto Ontario


My Room 1 at Kashagwigamog
My first VR project. Taken with my web cam (Creative WebCam II), this view is from the centre of my computer/TV room. See it!

My Room 2 at Kashagwigamog
My second VR project. This view is from my desk in my computer/TV room. Excellent view of Kashagawigamog Lake. See it!

Eagle Lake house inside
Taken with my Olympus D-340R digital camera, these newer ones are cool. Yeah...I should have done the dishes first.See it!

Eagle Lake porch
A view from the porch on a cloudy day. See it!

Smith cottage on Lake Of Bays
Here's the inside view of Craig and Cathy Smith's cottage on Lake Of Bays. See it!

Haliburton Highlands Golf Club - Eighth Hole
The famous hole ... from up topSee it!

Eagle Lake dock
You can see part of my boat at its old home on Eagle LakeSee it!

Martha's house
My sister Martha's house in Toronto has a lovely family room!See it!

VW Beetle
OK I didn't make this one. A really neat view of the inside of the VW Beetle. (611K)See it!

My Old House in Kinimount
This ISN'T a Quick Time VR file. Since I switched to the Olympus 2500 camera, I no longer have built-in panorama creation. I could do it if I went out and bought some relatively expensive software, but being the thrifty guy that I am, I looked for a different solution. This link will take you to a page that uses Java to show Virtual Reality panoramas. It works ok, and is worth the look.See it!

Toronto Apartment
My apartment in Toronto  See it!