Peter Gowdy   Toronto Ontario


I don't have a video camera. I can make a video with my webcam, or can record stuff off of the tv.

You'll need Windows Media Player 9 for most of these. You can get it at Windows Update.

Photo Collage 2007  YouTube video collage of photographs taken in the first five months of 2007.

What liberals have done Jimmy Smits speaks about liberals on The West Wing.

Osama bin Laden spoof from The Family Guy.

Bush spoof Oct 2005  George W on Saturday Night Live. Must see tv.

Food Video 1  Look out - I bought some software that can turn still pictures into video. This one is from my last Food Photography class. Accompanying music is coming soon...

Hot burger commercial  Dairy Queen ad for their Flame Thower Burger.

The Gowdy boys race   At the 2002 Gowdy Reunion in Grand Bend Ontario the Gowdy boys had a foot race...

George W Mad TV spoofs George W when he first took office. Too funny.

Kashagawigamog Time Lapse From my old house on Kashagawigamog Lake, a time-lapse video of the view of the lake, over an entire day.