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Peter Gowdy
Toronto Ontario

My digital photo collection

My lame rantings

Morphing Gowdys
Much-heralded morph of Gowdy kids from 1966-1996.

Including George W on MadTV, 1 km long driveway, and time-lapse from Kashagawigamog Lake

QuickTime VR
360 QuickTime panoramas

MIDI files by me and others, plus some fun samples

I share some of my knowledge. Digital Photography is the subject this month, with more to come.

All things Gowdy.

Pianti Vintners
Toronto's newest and boldest vintner


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Previous main photos
Visitors to my web site over the years will recognize some of these old photos that once occupied my main page
8th Hole   Tom Gowdy   Reflections   Night Train   Red Sunset   Team 98   Otis and Pete 1   Otis and Pete 2   Martha Leo Paula  

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